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Heat Pumps

Anyone who lives in Cape Breton knows that the weather can fluctuate wildly year round. Heat-pumps are an effective year round solution to heating and cooling your home. ARL Mechanical is the islands choice for professional heat-pump installation, and your experts for understanding best practices before and after installation.

How Your Heat Pump Operates

Heat pumps use a cycle of condensation and evaporation in order to function properly. This cycle transfers heat from one place to another, and it will replace the air that’s inside your house, whether that air is warm or cold. A heat pump generates energy from the air or the ground, and it doesn’t matter if the air outside is cold or not, it can still generate the necessary heat from the energy.


Why Should I Use a Heat Pump?

Many homeowners switch to heat pumps from their current systems because of the many benefits they offer. Apart from warming your home in the winter, and keeping your home cool in the summer, heat pumps are typically more energy efficient, resulting in lower energy bills. Heat pumps also have fewer moving parts than a regular system, which means fewer repairs and less maintenance. Since heat pumps take their energy from the air or the ground, heat pumps are more environmentally friendly and help people move towards a greener home.


Types of Heat Pumps:

  • Ductless air to air
  • Central air to air
  • Central water to air
  • Geothermal heat pumps

You can learn more about Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Guide for Ductless heat pumps here:

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    How does a heat pump work?